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Pro-Health Behavioral Center's ABA Enablers

Pro-Health Behavioral Center's
ABA Enablers

Specializing in Autism, ADHD, & Developmental Delay


13205 SW 137th Ave Suite 212 Miami, FL 33186

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pro-health behavioral center

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services in Miami-Dade County

We are more than just providers of  ABA services; our arsenal of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) strategies and our passionate ABA team lead the charge to foster growth, independence, and fulfillment, empowering our precious children, adolescents, and young adults to overcome their challenges, unlocking their true capabilities and guiding them toward a life of triumph and self-discovery.


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In-Home Autism Care Available

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What can we do to improve the
life of your precious?

What can we do to improve the life of your precious?

For children, adolescents, and young adults

Early Intervention

Initiating Early Intervention is crucial, with the possibility of commencing as soon as a diagnosis is made, typically before the child turns three years old. Starting an Early Intervention program is essential for ensuring timely support and maximizing developmental outcomes.

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Parent Training

Following a diagnosis, the next step is treatment, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based practice that assists individuals with autism in achieving their maximum potential. ABA not only provides guidance for individuals with autism but also extends support to their families. Parent training involves enhancing awareness and offering guidance through ABA, ensuring that families have access to training, guidance, and ongoing support.

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Daily Living Skills

ABA Star Therapy focuses on promoting independence by targeting crucial self-care skills like dressing, hygiene, feeding, and toileting. Our program offers comprehensive training and support to help individuals develop and achieve mastery in these essential life skills, ensuring increased independence and improved daily functioning.

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Play and Social Skills

A positive autism diagnosis can impact social and play skills, which may manifest as challenges in comprehending and appropriately utilizing social cues. However, with proper training and a comprehensive understanding of the social norms applied in various settings like home, school, and the community, these skills can be enhanced and strengthened.

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Academic Skills

Preparing children for the school environment can be a challenge. ABA Star Therapy specializes in equipping children with the necessary skills for school readiness. Our focus lies in teaching children to engage with tasks they may find less appealing and smoothly transition between activities, fostering their ability to effectively participate in the school setting.

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Functional Communication

An autism diagnosis can affect social and play skills, creating challenges in understanding social cues and applying them appropriately. However, with proper training and a clear understanding of the natural social rules used in the home, school, and community, it is possible to improve social skills and facilitate improvements in their use.

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Pro-Health Behavioral Center
After your child has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, or Developmental Delay, taking the proper steps is crucial. Our specialists are here to guide you and your child towards the right path. We offer a five-step process tailored to create a personalized therapy program for your child. This will help your child get the necessary help and support to overcome their condition.

Our Simple
5 Steps Process

Initial Consultation
Contact us to learn more about ABA and other services at Pro-Health Behavioral Center Corp that can best meet your needs.
Cost of Services
We will partner with your insurance company for covered services and negotiate authorizations. We work to help you understand your benefits, rights and options.
ABA is very specialized, and therefore an age appropriate and thorough assessment is conducted by a BCBA to best determine individualized needs.
Our team will work with you on an appropriate schedule for services based on Insurance authorization, and intensity of needs determined from assessments.
Our ultimate goal is to work ourselves out of a job! We strive to give each child the tools they need to be successful in their home, schools, and community. Our Clinical team partners with parents, and provides training to ensure long-term success.
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What Our Customers Say

"Pro-Health Behavioral Center provides exceptional ABA services! The therapists are highly skilled and knowledgeable, creating a friendly environment for my child. I have seen a lot of progress in my child's behavior and communication skills since starting their services."
Marlen Hunteru
Pro-Health Behavioral Center has been a game-changer for my family. Their services significantly improved my child's behavior and overall quality of life. The therapists genuinely care about their clients and work tirelessly to ensure progress is being made. I strongly recommend their services."
Roger Martinel
"I am so grateful for the ABA services provided by Pro-Health. The therapist has created a structured and supportive environment that has helped my child develop crucial life skills. I highly recommend their services to any family in need."
Teresa Maria
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